March 9, 2008

Running on empty?

I'm still running a low-grade fever. I may call the doctor in the morning, just to see what I should do. I guess it may just be some little virus that has to run it's course, but I've had the fever for 6 days now with fatigue and some very minor sinus symptoms. I just want to be healthy (which is a relative term for me) once more.

The house is getting nearer to completion. I'm sure this is par for the course when building, but it seems like these last "little" details are taking forever! The trim took over a week, but there was only one guy on the job. I think he's almost finished, but he's holding up the painters and carpet-layers. Those are the last few things to be done inside the house (oh yeah, and closets & mirrors - duh!). Outside, the sprinkler system is in, which means the sod and driveway (+ gutters & screens) should be in soon. I'm sorry if any of this sounds repetitive!! :) Anyway, here is an overabundance of pictures for you! Enjoy and have a good night.

The Kitchen
The Kitchen Desk Wall
Light Fixture Above Dining TableLaundry Room
Laundry Room 2Living Room FanGuest Room Fan
Ella's Room FanMaster Bedroom Fan
PorchView of Porch from Deck
Front of House


Angela Miller said...

Wow! The house looks amazing. I am jealous. I hope you start feeling better soon!!!!

sheree said...

It's looking great; hope things move right along. I know you are antsy - hope you feel better too. Hope to see you tomorrow. The theme- HOPE


Lori said...

One question..where's my room? It's GORGEOUS!

Please go to the doctor! I am worried about you!! I've just had the same sort of stuff (for the last several months) and got some bloodwork done and learned fun stuff about immunity. Check yours!

Mommy of 2&2 said...

Your house looks so pretty!! I am sure you cannot wait to get in :) I hope that you begin feeling better as well!!

Penny said...

It looks great Jenny :) That porch is going to be so lovely in summer.

Susana Mendoza Kepner said...

Almost there!!! Looking good!!

Leah said...

the house is looking fabulous! love that kitchen!