March 5, 2008

Little Red

Or "Rojosita" as we like to call her (not sure if that's correct Spanish, Su!). But, look at all that red! Her hair has really changed over the last few months. She still has some blonde highlights, but the red seems to be taking over. :)

These were taken on our trek to the beach this past Sunday. We had so much fun as a family, even if it was still a bit chilly. We had a little picnic lunch, including her favorite..."peanut butter n' crackers". DH & I surprised her afterward by treating her to ice cream. It was a nice little break from our hectic lives of late.

Sorry to cut this short but I have a temperature once again. It's on the low side, so that's good. Who knows what's going on this time. I have no other symptoms, so it's just wait and see. I have new pictures of the house, but will post them later in the week. Must go to bed to hopefully ward off some new illness. Please pray for a showing we have tomorrow. It would be perfect timing for this person to buy it, since the house should be done by the end of next week!!

P.S. I'm still getting used to my laptop and I think this monitor makes my pictures look different than on my desktop. Can you let me know if the pics look odd to you and if so, how? Thanks! And, thank you for all your comments on my last post. I love you guys!


Penny said...

Oh dear - hope you're not getting anything else! will be thinking of you (and your open home 2moro).

Pictures look fine to me (maybe a leetle orangey) - you might need to calibrate your monitor perhaps?

You sure have a cutey! How cool to have a red haired rascal ;)

Lori said...

Isn't she just beautiful? I still find it amazing to compare those pictures to ones when we were all at dinner and she had the cutest little blue-green outfit, complete with beret. What an amazing little girl she is! Still can't wait for the new house!! Love you!