March 17, 2008

Hunting Eggs

We went egg hunting on Saturday with some friends. We had a great time. The hunt was much more organized than the one we went to last year. There were 3 fields - one for each age group - set up with eggs. Our field was for ages 4 and under and the parents were allowed to help the kids. It all went very quickly, but Ella is still talking about how much fun she had! We will have some family Easter activities this weekend.

HOUSE UPDATE: The screens are finally up on the back porch. The trim is complete! The guys were there today repairing drywall spots so that the painters can come back to do 2nd coats on all the walls. The driveway has been framed, so the concrete should be poured tomorrow (praying the weather stays clear!!) and the sod will be put down. All the mirrors are in. The appliances were delivered today! We found a new dining room set and a bed for Ella today. We are SET! It seems that most everything will be done this week. Of course, once the power is on, we have to make sure the lights all work and things like that. So, barring any other unforeseen problems, we should be in our house the first week of April. I'm soooooooooo READY!

It has been a very long day, so I'm going to turn in for the night. Sweet Dreams!


Penny said...

cool! lovely bed there :)

I should organise myself and get an egg hunt going for the kiddos.

Mommy of 2&2 said...

I am sure you can't wait to get in your house!! How exciting!! I hope that you are feeling better as well!!

Lori said...

LOVE the set! Can't wait to have dinner at it!! Pensacola in '08!! Wooohoo!!