January 4, 2009

Online piano lessons with Kinderbach!

This review is not just for homeschool moms - it's for all moms with kids ages 2-7, so I hope you all will check it out!

I am so pleased to tell you about online piano lessons from Kinderbach. There are 60 lessons which are each intended to be completed in a week - with 4 parts to every lesson. You can do all 4 parts in one day with an older child (I did this with Ella), or choose to spread them out over the course of a week. The lessons also include printable PDF activities that reinforce skills along with games that can be played online. Your child is not required to know how to read to use this program, which makes it all the more valuable. Most piano teachers will not teach your child until they are reading.

Ella has absolutely loved this program. The characters presented in the videos are cute and colorful. The program not only teaches your child how to play the piano, but it also teaches various aspects of music such as movement, rhythm, notes, intervals, & music patterns. Ella especially liked the parts where she was able to tap out rhythms with sticks (you can use any objects that make noise!). It made her feel so good when she was able to find notes on the keyboard and play them by herself! Since Ella loves to sing, she also enjoyed learning some new songs. I cannot say enough how much we both like Kinderbach!!

One of the wonderful things about Kinderbach is the price! For the online lessons, you can pay a monthly subscription fee of $14.95. The best deal, though, is a one-time payment of $85.95, giving you access to all 60 lessons! What a GREAT value! In my area, piano teachers charge $20 per 30-minute session on average. If I paid for 60 weekly lessons, it would cost me $1200! The other advantage of this program is being able to do it in the comfort of your own home, at your own pace! You save on gas and the time it takes to get your child to and from their lesson.

If you have a dial-up connection, or would simply like to own the DVDs, you can purchase all the lessons for $217.75. The set includes 6 DVDs, activity e-books, & activity audio CDs. You also get 4 e-songbooks and 4 corresponding audio CDs. As you see from my example above about hiring a piano teacher, this is still a really good deal! If you so choose, you can also purchase smaller sets.

You can try out 2 free lessons and I highly encourage you to do so! With Kinderbach, there is a 30-day money back guarantee, so you really can't go wrong. And, as always, if you'd like to get some other opinions, check HERE for more TOS Crew reviews.

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