January 9, 2009

Save Ella Bella Bowtique from the CPSIA!!!

I will be writing more on this subject as I find out more, but for now, please do me the big favor of clicking on the widget on my sidebar and voting. This is intended to get Obama's attention on the issue of the CPSIA's upcoming deadline (Feb. 10) for which all items sold to children under 12 will face required testing of lead and phthalates. If items do not meet the requirements, they will be deemed BANNED, hazardous substances. The big issue is that the testing is very costly. I sell my hair clips at a low price and only really make pennies when it's all said and done. If I were to get this testing done, there would be no point and I would just shut the business down. Of course, if I don't get the testing done, and keep selling my products, I'm sure I will face consequences as well. Now, in the grand scheme of things, my business is not all that important and since I don't derive any great income from it, it will not "hurt" me to shut it down (though, I do really love doing it as a hobby!!). But, the legislation will be devastating for many, many small businesses in America. Those businesses have become people's livelihood, especially in hard economic times when there are no jobs to be found.

I really can't beg you enough to try to do something about this before it's too late! It has already been passed, but if there is enough public outcry, we may be able to persuade them to add exemptions for those who sell products that are made from materials that meet the requirements (I mean, I'm not buying contraband ribbon and lead-infested buttons, here people!!).

More is coming, but until then, please do your research (the CPSC website is a good place to start). You can also contact your senators & representatives using this handy device HERE.

**Here are a few more links:
http://www.fashion-incubator.com/ (you have to dig around here, but the forums are very informative!)


Lori said...

Already been there and done that!! You are RIGHT...this will not only affect sweet stay at home moms who try to do a cool thing and make a little money on the side, but ANY mom or dad who wants to resell their valuable used clothing to OTHER moms or dads who can't afford NEW!!! Great websites like ETSY will virtually be shut down, and Ebay will certainly lose a lot of business from moms and dads trying to make use of things that can still be used and SHOULD be used (especially in this economy!) It's a shame...and I hope our words make a difference!!!

Jenny said...

Lori, actually the CPSC did clarify yesterday that it will not require people who are reselling goods to test them (http://www.cpsc.gov/cpscpub/prerel/prhtml09/09086.html). Resellers will, however, need to keep abreast of any products that make it onto the list of banned products because they will face consequences if they sell those items.

Penny said...

I think this is cah-razy! What were they thinking.. or not thinking maybe!?

I hope they listen.