January 25, 2008

To do tomorrow:

1. Deep clean the house (scrub windows, use awesome wood cleaning wipes I found on all baseboards & doors, use Magic Eraser on all walls!).
2. Keep DH focused on repairs needed around the house.
3. Keep Ella occupied with some Valentine crafts, playtime in her room, and games while I'm cleaning all day.
4. Plan for my busy Sunday, which includes learning the motions to a song for children's choir - must recruit Ella to help with that.
5. Go by new house & drop off light fixtures.
6. Draw up landscaping plans for new house.
7. Plan some kind of family fun for tomorrow night so that Ella can have quality time with Daddy.

WHEW! Maybe I should try to go to bed now so that I'll have enough energy to get me through the day. I'll let you know if I accomplish it all. Definitely have to do #1 & #2, since we have realtors coming to see the house on Monday - eek!


Angela Miller said...

Wow! It makes me tired just reading your list. The house must be coming along. When will you be moving in?

Penny said...

#2 gives me visions of you with a whip.... heh heh

Hope you got it all done!