January 24, 2008

Follow up

Please watch these videos from the funeral of Bronner Burgess. Rick's testimony here is incredible. The message is divided into 3 parts, so please watch them all:

Rick Burgess - A Father's Heart Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Today is the first day I've felt "normal" since coming down with strep throat on Saturday. I know Ella was happy to have me mostly back to myself. She's been so sweet, but of course, she got to watch lots of tv (which, unfortunately, is one of her favorite things to do!) over the last several days. We did do a few crafts today, which made me feel like a better mommy! I found this site, which has lots of craft ideas for preschoolers: Kids Craft Weekly. If you click on the link to the newsletters, you will find all sorts of activities which are sorted by themes. We made some of the crafts from Issue 11 - Underwater. Here are the results:

I certainly needed the rest I got while I was sick and I feel refreshed and ready to get back to work. Before I got sick, I was feverishly trying to get this old house ready to sell. It's looking pretty good, but we've still got alot to do. I'm hoping to have a bit more help from the hubby this weekend. If we can have a garage sale the next weekend, we'll be in good shape to move. Work on the new house has slowed down a bit, but things are about to really come together over the next week or so. In fact, I believe the spa was delivered today. Yippeeee!! Can't wait to get in that thing! :)

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The crab looks very cross! :)