January 5, 2008

New pics of the house!

You are looking into the "family room" from the kitchen in this shot. Our dining table will be centered length-wise to the window on the right and the pool table will be parallel to it over on the other side of the room. I hope that makes sense! We are planning to have a window seat built into the bottom of the bay window, which will create a neat little reading nook for Ella (and me, I'm sure!). We also want to get a hutch to place along the right wall between the double windows and the bay window, if there's room. This will be our first time to get to showcase our china - it's been tucked away in cabinets in our laundry room for almost 10 years now!

This is our front door from the inside. We wanted alot more privacy than we have now, thus the sole window above the door. I hope enough natural light comes in through the windows in the back of the house so I don't regret this decision, but I have hated worrying that the person at the door could see me before I could see who it was. The mentally ill man at my door last Christmas who wanted to show me the knife and the flashlight he'd gotten as gifts was enough to scare me away from having any windows at the entry!! To the left is the study, which will have french doors and to the right is the wall of the guest bedroom.

You can get a good idea of how the house looks from the front in this pic. Sorry I don't have one without workers in the way. The garage is what's hidden by the mortar mixer (surely that's the technical term, LOL!). The window to the left of the workers is the guest bedroom, followed by the window in the bathroom, then Ella's window on the far left.

This is a good view of the front porch and door after the brick work had to be redone. It's a long story, but the short of it is that it actually turned out pretty well and maybe even better than what I had wanted. There will be a step up from the driveway to the little porch.

A view of the back of the house. The soffits have now been finished as well as the white vinyl ceiling of the porch, but you get the idea. The deck will be in line with the porch, so there will be no deck under the bay window. I can envision Ella dreaming of being inside her castle as she looks out that window. Corny, eh? But, we're big into princesses around here. :)

Ok, so that's it for tonight. Hopefully I'll get around to posting a few Christmas shots before long. Oh, and be on the lookout at my crafty blog for some new posts soon!


Penny said...

One day I too will have a china cabinet! LOL!

It's looking so good Jenny. Bet you are anxious to get IN!

sheree said...

Those are great pictures. I am so excited for you.

The Cole Mine said...

Wow - love the brick and the entry way. We are remodeling a 50s house and I'm always looking for ideas! Thanks!

Jenny said...

Thanks for the comments on the house. Yes, Penny, we are very ready to move - all except for the packing, prepping the old house to sell, etc., etc. LOL!

Shannon, I'm so glad you like the entry. The finished design actually came out of a really bad interpretation by the brick guys of what I really wanted (which I promptly had them tear out and redo as you see it now). So, to hear that someone else likes how it came out makes me feel much better! :) I've had fun checking out your blog. Be sure to post pics of the progress on your remodel! I hope it goes well.

Sheree, next week, I'll take you out there. Maybe we could go to the house, then have lunch at the kids' favorite place.