October 28, 2010

Thankful Thursday ~ 10/28/10

Though I know it's a bit cliche and has become a little worn out across the blog world, I am going to continue to do Thankful Thursday for a while.  In this crazy world, I think it helps to remind ourselves that we do have a lot to be thankful for!

There has been a lot of tragedy lately.  Not just in the world news, but also in the lives of people I know personally.  When you watch others suffer, you immediately realize the things you so often take for granted.

I thank God for:

  • My beautiful daughter who is healthy and safe and happy.  It's so easy to slip into a griping mode with her, but then I remember that I am not guaranteed a tomorrow with my sweet girl.  As I heard word of yet another precious child, not even a month old, being taken on to heaven this week, I held my girl a little closer and snuggled a little longer.
  • A baby named Matthew who has forever changed my perspective on life.  I had the privilege of spending some time with him and his mommy while he was still in her belly last September.  He was only here on this earth for a few hours, but he has had an enormous impact on so many people.  He was born this very day, just 11 months ago
  • His baby brother, Luke, who will be born in just a couple of months.  I'm so thankful for the way he has helped to restore his mother's joy.
  • Lori, mom of these 2 sweet boys, and one of my best friends.  I'm also thankful for the chance to see her in December and meet Luke while he's still in her belly.  ;)  Though Lori would deny it, she is the strongest woman I know.  Not in her own strength, but in the strength of her great God, has she come through some of the most devastating circumstances any of us could ever imagine.
  • Three more of my dearest sister-friends who I will also get to see in December.  I can't wait!!
  • My brothers.  Though I don't tell them nearly enough, I love them and am so glad to have them in my life.  One of my online friends lost her sister tragically and unexpectedly this week.  I can't imagine what she's going through because I don't know what I'd do without my brothers.
  • The fact that I have a house to do housework in and my body is able to do the work!  Though I may have complained a lot about doing the dirty work in my post yesterday, I am truly grateful for my home and I certainly do not take for granted the fact that I can actually get up out of bed and clean my own home.  (I just wish I didn't have to do it so often!)

I read this on Beth Moore's blog the other day and it just really sums up my thoughts in this post. 
"I often ask God to spare my dear family of tragedy but not to spare us of His glory. Tragedies do sometimes come but we must never think for a moment that they’ve come lightly. We must steady our reeling selves to the anchor beyond the veil and know, when we know nothing else, that somehow, some way, glory must have been at stake."
Though I would not choose for any of my friends or family members to suffer, I would not want to forsake the glory that God may want to bring to Himself through our trials and afflictions.  Above all, today, I am thankful for a God Who has shown Himself to be real and has carried me through the darkest days of my life and I know He will do the same for you.

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Lori said...

See...this is why I am so, so, so behind in blog reading....because I CRY!!!!

Love you, sweet friend...
Certainly not in my own strength...I was just thinking this morning that one of the first things my pastor said to me when he saw us after Matthew died was, "His grace is sufficient."

And I'll be honest, I thought, "Really???????? That's all you've got????? Because I'm just telling you--it's NOT! IT'S NOT!"

But he was right, and it has been and continues to be so and I'm grateful that it's through you and our girls and so many, many other hands and feet of Jesus I can know that.

Can't wait for December!