September 18, 2010

Do You Remember September?

September.  Miracles happen in September.  With the fresh, cool air blows a renewing spirit.  A refreshing to my soul.  For you see, September is my month.  The month God has hand-wrapped as a special memorial to His healing grace. 

Not only did He heal and restore my body and soul on a day in September that the world would wish not to remember, He also gave me the perfect gift.  The child I had so desperately wanted. 

Doctors told me I'd never carry her.  They'd spoken those words like daggers through my heart. 

But God. 

God saw fit to bless my life with hers on the very day of my healing, exactly two years after I'd been fitted with a titanium spine.  A ray of sunshine to remind me once again that, yes, miracles do happen.

And they come in the form of dimpled cheeks and deep blue eyes.  Sweetness in a bundle of pink.

Then, just like that, seven years disappeared. 

Years of belly laughs and tears.

Learning and listening.

Grit and grace and growth.

And, now we are here.  Seven years old already.  It feels like seconds and centuries at the same time. 

My baby, turning into a little lady. 

Happy 7th Birthday, my sweet girl!

I thank God for the memories and the miracle of you.  I pray His favor over you all your life.  May you seek Him and find Him and know Him and love Him with complete abandon.  For though I love you bigger than the earth, sun, and moon, He loves you even more than that.  Bask in His delight this day and always. 


sheree said...

Love this look at Ella's life - and the sweet blessing you spoke over her was great. Thanks, Jenny. Glad we met you guys and have kind of grown up together. I pray that we get to see Ella grow for many more years. sheree

Lori said...

I remember so many of those sweet pictures and can't believe that much time has passed either!!!

So, so grateful for the sweet miracle of Ella!!

Penny said...

Happy birthday Ella!!

Mommy of 2 and 2 said...

What a beautiful girl she is growing in to and I know that goes deeper than her skin! You were blessed by her and I am confident that she is blessed tenfold by having you as a mom :) Now, if only we could learn to slow life down a bit :( Happu Birthday Ella!!