August 12, 2010


The days fly by so quickly and soon she will be seven.  Seven!  A number I can hardly imagine.  Two and three seem so far, and yet so close in my memory.  Tonight, I found a notebook page with a scribbled list of some of her expressions and words from those early years.  Share a laugh with me and think back to that cherub-cheeked girl with the golden curls...

  • stick lips = chop sticks
  • fridgelator = refrigerator
  • Barnes & "Notebook" (her favorite store back then)
  • Big Locks = Big Lots
  • ellalator = elevator
  • ellabrella = umbrella
  • ellabody = everybody (are you sensing a pattern here?)
  • spill out = throw up
  • spend = spend the night ("I want to spend with Memaw tonight!")
  • target = guitar ("Mommy, are you gonna play your target?")
  • Peanut Butterina = Prima Ballerina (on a t-shirt she wore)
  • birthday cakes = pancakes
  • pennies = panties
  • crap = craft ("Mommy, can we do a crap today?")
  • ponies = ponytails
  • dip in it = dip (her description for any kind of condiment)
  • syrpup = syrup
  • askident = accident ("Mommy, I had an askident!")
  • talent show = hotel
  • sketti = spaghetti
  • copterpillar = helicopter
  • sauches = sausage
  • meches = message

Tonight, I cannot think of her, all grown-up, going into 2nd grade.  Tonight, I choose to remember her younger days and wish, for a moment, that she could stay this way forever.


Mommy of 2 and 2 said...

I love it!! What a treasure to have all those things written down :) I cannot believe she is 7 either... Where does the time go??

Dressed-Up Dots said...

happy birthday soon, Miss Ella Bella! Blessings to you, sweet girl!

Lori said...

I just can't believe how time has flown...I remember her wearing that sweet little light green outfit and beret just loving all of us cooing and oohing over her!! Rosy cheeks and big brown eyes!!

Love me some Ella! You too!

Penny said...

awww - so good to keep those sayings though