March 7, 2009


SpellQuizzer is a unique way for your child to practice their spelling words. This spelling software is easy to use and makes spelling fun!

When you buy this spelling program, all you have to do is download and install it. The program basically walks you through the simple process of adding your child's spelling list. You click a button to create a new list, then input the words you want your child to practice. The neat thing about this program is that it allows you to make a recording of each word. You can also put in a sentence or reminder phrase to help with the word (or if you just don't want to record it). Once you've added and recorded your words, your child can select the list to work on without assistance. The program will prompt your child to click "Play Word", which plays your recording of the word. Your child then types the word into the box provided and clicks "Check Spelling". If the word was spelled correctly, the next word is given. If the word is spelled incorrectly, a box pops up that alerts the child of the correct spelling. When the quiz is complete, your child has the opportunity to go back and be quizzed again on the ones he missed. If all the words are entered correctly, your child gets a big round of applause!

I really like how easy SpellQuizzer is to use. I also love how customizable it is to your needs. You can enter any spelling list from any curriculum. You could get other family members to record the list in order to mix things up a bit. You can record the spelling words in funny voices and accents (Ella loves English accents at the moment, so this would be fun for her). Your child can even record the words if he/she speaks clearly enough. Most kids love hearing their voice played back! Another advantage to SpellQuizzer is that you could also use it for vocabulary words, sight words, math terms...the possibilities are endless!

There are a few other notable features of SpellQuizzer. You have the ability to change the sound effects for correct/incorrect words (go crazy...make it fun!). You can import or export lists, which is useful when you know other people who have the spelling software. For example, the leader of a homeschooling co-op group of kids who are working on the same words could send out the list to each student!

The SpellQuizzer website is very helpful. It includes video demonstrations that guide you through each step of setting up your spelling list. If you aren't sure if the program will work for you, you can download a FREE 30-day trial! There are also free spelling lists you can download for the holidays and sample lists for each grade level. SpellQuizzer is a great bargain at $29.95! Go to the SpellQuizzer site to order it now!

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