March 12, 2009

One2Believe - Noah's Ark

You may remember that I reviewed a Nativity set from One2Believe back in November. Since we loved that set so much, I was thrilled to find out that we would also receive the Noah's Ark set from the same company! Like the Nativity set, this set is also from the Tales of Glory series of figurines from One2Believe.

Ella loves to use figurines and dolls in imaginative play. I will often hear the sound of all sorts of "voices" coming from her room as she creates her own little make-believe world. She was so excited to add the characters of Noah's Ark to her collection! As each animal came out of the box, she "oohed" and "ahhed", but the ark was truly the most celebrated item! It is HUGE and it actually opens up so that you can store your animals inside! There is even a ramp so that the animals can "walk" up to the ark. Once Ella added this group of animals to the others from the Nativity set, she had a whole parade lined up in the living room. :) We haven't tried it out in the bath yet, but I have heard that the ark actually floats. That is an added bonus!

As I said about the Nativity set, these figurines are so durable and well-made, I know they will last a very long time in our house. I have been so impressed with One2Believe and will continue to shop with them for quality, Bible-based toys.

The Noah's Ark set includes 14 animals (7 sets of 2), Noah, the ark, and a ramp. You can find it at the One2Believe website for $29.99.

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Angela Miller said...

That looks like a great set! Keegan loves animals and plays "two by two's" all the time :) Even better is the price! You can't beat that price. I am truly tempted to purchase a set for the boys, but we really don't need anymore toys around here. Wouldn't it make a great Easter basket surpise though?!