December 15, 2008


I have two reviews for you today. I'll post the other one later, but first I want to tell you about Time4Learning! It is a fun, comprehensive online curriculum for language arts and math. There are lessons for preschool through 8th grade. Bonus lessons are offered in science and social studies.

When you first sign up with Time4Learning, you fill out a short assessment of your child's skill level so that the lessons will be catered specifically to your child's needs! You can change the level at any time if you find the lessons too easy or too difficult. Along the way, you can track your child's progress. This progress sheet not only tells you how your child has performed in each activity, it also tells you how much time they spent working. You can also set a timer to limit your child's time with the program so that they are not spending all day doing the same lesson over and over! ;) Once the child does the set amount of lessons, they can go to the playground to play fun games.

It is very difficult to write a thorough review of this site because there is SO MUCH to explore! Since I have one child and she's in Kindergarten, we have not been able to look around at the other grade levels. I will say that I have found the activities to be age-appropriate and educational. Ella has had alot of fun using this resource. She learns as she goes along, so you can't ask for much more than that! Some of the language arts activities Ella previewed included "Rhymes and Patterns", "Spoken Rhyming Words", "Listen for Word Length", and "Phonological Awareness: Alliteration with the Sound of 'm'". She also previewed some math lessons that had to do with basic number recognition. Her math level is higher than that, but I have it set to the lower level just for practice. There is a toolkit your child can access with several math tools such as a calculator, base ten blocks the child can manipulate, and counters. Ella enjoyed this program so much that she spent almost an entire afternoon doing the activities by herself (another advantage at this age!!).

**NOTE: I have heard that because this is not a Christian-based curriculum, there might be objectionable content (i.e. teaching about evolution as fact, "bathroom" humor for older kids, etc.) that you would want to screen first. You can turn off the science sections so that your child cannot access them. The creators of Time4Learning added a Christian parents' section to their parent forums so that you can talk to other Christians about navigating through this site. I personally found nothing offensive in the lower level lessons. The graphics and sound are all quite cute (Ella LOVES the animals that are characters in the stories).

My main concern about this program is the cost. It is $19.95 per month for one child and you can add a 2nd child for an extra $14.95 per month. You can try out the program for 14 days and get a full refund if you decide not to subscribe. I would highly recommend trying it out first. You can sample some lessons for free, HERE.

Based on our experience with Time4Learning, I would recommend this to anyone looking for an online language arts and math curriculum if they have the money to spend! Take some time to look it over and see if it is right for you. If we are ever in need of reinforcement in certain areas or have the ability to spend a little more on curriculum, I will definitely be coming back to Time4Learning!

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