December 16, 2008

The Little Man in the Map

I am running a bit behind on my reviews, as we had 3 due between yesterday and today. It's been CRAZY busy around here, so I've had to put the reviews off to the last minute! I will post the 3rd one tomorrow.

Tonight, I want to tell you about a book called The Little Man in the Map. It is a book that uses picture clues and rhymes to help children locate all 50 states on a map and learn the name of each state. It is written by E. Andrew Martonyi and illustrated by Ed Olson.

This book is well-written with beautiful illustrations! The concept of teaching children to remember facts using visual cues is tried and true. It is why we use flash cards for math and teach foreign languages using pictures. Most of us just connect better with pictures than with words. For that reason, this book is an excellent teaching tool!

Ella is a bit young for this book. It is pretty long for her, but I could see this working well with children in 2nd grade and up. As we start learning about different states, I'll pull this out and we can work on it bit by bit. She may be able to process it better in smaller chunks! We have been using the book Now I Know the 10 Commandments for the past couple of weeks and Ella can pretty much recite all 10 commandments in order! That book uses the same idea of tying pictures to facts. So, I know that once we start working on The Little Man in the Map, Ella will pick up on the 50 states pretty quickly. My husband can still tell you most of the president's names in order because he learned them using the same method.

If you are looking for a way to teach your child the names and locations of the states, look no further! Go to The Little Man in the Map website and order it now! The book is only $19.95 and shipping is free if you order during the holidays. For no extra charge, you can even have the author sign it for you. :)

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