November 25, 2008

Something to Think About

Our family is cutting back on Christmas spending this year by drawing names and setting a limit on the amount to spend (this also gives us more time to spend together instead of the couple of hours it usually takes us to open gifts!). Now I have the ability to spend some money where it will really count for something. Please pray and consider doing the same. My friend, Lori, has a wonderful post on this subject. It will take a bit to read because she included a moving speech by Mother Teresa, but it's worth every bit of time, so click HERE now!


Lori said...

I'm telling hit the mark when you said spending your money where it really counts. Things we don't need but want are nice...I won't lie. Being one of God's fingers by giving NEEDED Things to those who NEED them is amazing. And that trumps nice any day!

Lori said...

Hey girl! Just thought I'd let you know that they met their challenge of $1000 (in just a few days!!) and are even trying to do another challenge for one of the other main orphanages!! Isn't it amazing???
Love you and am SO thankful you are in my life!!!