November 30, 2008

The Missing Link: FOUND

I know that most of you who read my blog have young children, but you may have a niece, nephew, or another tween/teenager in your life that would love this book! It is the first book in the Truth Seekers Mystery Series, written by Christina Gerwitz and her mother, Felice. Christina was only 12 when she began writing and she started this particular book at age 14. As I got more and more into the plot, I found myself constantly amazed that a homeschooled teenager and her mom had written such a complex story!

The Missing Link: FOUND centers around two teenagers named Christian and Anna Murphy. While on vacation, the teens and their family become involved in mystery full of twists and turns. Action and adventure are around every corner for these brave siblings. Besides a fascinating plot, the book also puts a focus on Creation science, with the discovery of what appears to be the missing link that proves the theory of evolution. I was captivated throughout most of the book, only getting a bit lost through the explanations about carbon dating! I picked the book up Friday night and finished it yesterday, so it is a good, quick read!

In this series of books, you will find some stark contrasts to most of the literature that is marketed to teens today. You will find a homeschooling family that loves each other and puts God first. You will see teenagers that lean on the Lord through difficult times. You will see the power of prayer illustrated in their lives. You will also see teens with good attitudes, who do not speak using colloquialisms and slang!

The set of books is on sale right now for $22.00 at the Media Angels website. If you just want the individual book, The Missing Link: FOUND, it is available for $8.99.

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