August 26, 2008

A Day Off

Tuesday is my official day off each week. Ella is at Mother's Day Out and it is so nice to have some time to myself. While I have been enjoying school so far, I definitely need this break during the week. I'll have to figure something else out for the years to come, since this is her last year eligible for MDO. In a little while, I have to pick her up, then cart her over to ballet class, but for now, I'm relishing in the silence.

Yesterday was a tough day. As I mentioned a few months ago, I am weaning myself off of my medications (and asking myself "why" daily). Right now, I am alternating my Ultram doses every other day (yesterday I took just one dose before bed; today I took one at breakfast and will take another before bed), so that I can get down to one dose a day. God has convicted me to rely on Him for my pain-relief and not on pills. If not for His strength and mercy, I surely would not have made it to today. I know He's teaching me that I can do nothing without Him! Oh, how I wish, though, that He would serve this lesson to me on a different platter. The pain I was in yesterday reminded me of how things were before my surgery. I got to a point where the pain and exhaustion took over and I HAD to lay down. God answered my prayer for rest. I did feel a bit better after an hour-long "nap" (which was more like, doze for 10 minutes, be awakened by Ella, doze for 5 minutes, etc.). Ella finally got tired of trying to wake me up and she was also hit by the sleepy bug. I guess we have worn each other out! This is what I found when I woke up around 5:40pm -

I added a few more pictures to the slide show on my week in review post. If you'd like to go back and see, click here.

Oh, and I wanted to add - was anyone else APPALLED by this article?? I may have to come back to write about this one!

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Penny said...

Oh Jenny - I do hate to think of you having to live with constant pain. Will keep you in my prayers.

So cute - Ella sleepy bug.

As for 18 children? My goodness! Imagine the state of her pelvic floor.