July 6, 2008

On stay-cation

Yes, we are officially on stay-cation! Friday was Paul's first day off work and, of course, we celebrated the 4th with a bang. The whole family came over to our house for tons of food and fun games (if you haven't played BuzzWord, find it and play it now!). We then headed over to the fireworks show downtown. Our good friends met us down there and Ella had a blast playing around and "oohing" and "ahhhing" over the "beautiful" fireworks. Yesterday, we took it easy for the most part, but we did go out for a round of bowling, shopping and pizza!

Now for the real reason for this post. After church and our usual family lunch at my parents' house, we headed to the movies to see WALL-E. What a great, beautifully animated, family movie!! I was so impressed not only with the stunning visuals, but also with the compelling story that was told through the eyes of an adorable robot who doesn't even really talk. There are so many positive messages woven throughout the movie that it's hard to know where to begin. The main theme being friendship and love, the plot also explores things like being a good steward of the earth, having a strong work ethic, the dangers of over-consumption and materialism, sacrificing to do the right thing, and having a child-like wonder and an appreciation for life. I cannot say enough about this film. Ella did get a little worried about a few things and some parts startled her, so I wouldn't take a child under 4 to see it. Because the dialogue is limited to very few scenes, this movie might bore some children who like more action and funny banter. But, I was pleasantly surprised at how well Ella followed the story and could figure out what the robots were feeling just by their expressions. As if it isn't blatantly obvious, I give WALL-E a "heart"-y two thumbs up! If you're interested, there is a much more eloquent review by Adam R. Holz of PluggedInOnline.com (the entertainment site affiliated with Focus on the family) here.

Tomorrow, we're off to the Exploreum where there is a new frog exhibit. I'll report back later in the week with some pictures of all of our fun!


Penny said...

enjoy your stay-cation!

Angela Miller said...

It sounds like you are having some great family time! Enjoy your time together. I have heard from other people that Wall-E isn't a movie for young children.

Anonymous said...

Jenny, hi and thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting! :) It looks like we do have a lot in common! I am also musical and I am also crafty - though not as good as you! :) It's nice to "meet" you! I hope you all enjoy the rest of your staycation!