February 26, 2008

Fluff and stuff

Countertops are in! Doors & trim are in! Light fixtures are in! It's just about time for us to be in! Just a few more details (second coat of paint on all walls, carpet, mirrors, closet shelving, driveway, landscaping) to go and we'll be set. I'll be back over there later this week and will take some new pictures to post.

Now we just have to sell this house. Our open house had one visitor. I guess if she's "the one", it was a success - but it still feels like a LOT of work for nothing. We also had a showing today by another realtor. I left while they were here, so I have no idea what they thought. It would be awesome, of course, if we could get an offer before we move, but I'm trying to prepare for the worst. The market is so horrible that we truly have no control over whether or not it sells. It's all in God's hands and sometimes it's hard to just concede it over to Him!

I have a ton of sewing projects I'm dying to start working on, but am trying to wait til we're settled in the new house. I really want to make a new poppet and I may have to give in to help me procrastinate on the packing! At least I got my Jo-Ann fix today - forget drugs...just give me fabric! ;) I found tons of remnants to make doll clothes, wallets, and other cute things. Oh, I'm going to have so much more crafting room over at the new place! Can you tell I'm going crazy with all this waiting??

I wanted to say that as part of the revival at church, I felt a renewed calling to the work I'm doing at church with the kids. It's hard when you're working with children this young to feel like you're making any kind of impact on them. But, as I was reminded during the revival, it is our job to plant the seeds in the lives of others. We may never see the harvest, but God's Word never comes back void, so I should not lose heart even when they stare at me blankly when I ask them questions about the story I just told them! I do wish that I had started this work after the house was built because it's been very challenging to keep it all going. I really enjoy the kids and I just hope that I've been able to convey my love for the Lord to them.

Hubby is FINALLY feeling better! He broke out in hives soon after my last post. We think it was a reaction to the allergy medicines (of all things!) his doctor told him to try. The hives cleared up once he stopped taking them. Whew! We've all really been through it this winter. My brother came down with gout a few weeks ago, so you can imagine the conversations we've had around the Sunday lunch table. We sound like an advertisement for medicare.

Ok, I need to go to bed. Lots of work yet to be done...


Penny said...

Things we learn as children often come back as adults in bigger and more profound form and that is the miracle of the seed of God's word.

It really is exciting about your house and I wish I could give you a housewarming party! LOL! The market here is bad too so I sympathise with you in selling your house. I really hope someone falls in love with it and gets you a good offer.

Angela Miller said...

I hope that your house sells quickly! Will you survive ok with 2 house payments? I can't wait to see more pictures of the new place.

Any work that you are doing with kids is a huge blessing to the parents. It allows them to go to church so that they can grow in their faith and then share with their kids. I'm sure that you have planted tons of seeds. It is tough sometimes when we can't see the results of our work. We want instant gratification, but we may never know the impact we have had on someones life until we get to heaven. Hang in there! God will bless you for serving.

Lori said...

Jenny, you so inspire me with the fabric and sewing. Too bad I am lazy. I am getting back into scrapbooking, but we'll see how long that lasts.

I can't wait to see the house. I am SO glad you are all feeling better. I can TOTALLY imagine Sunday lunch conversations...same feelings here!
Love to you!

Susana Mendoza Kepner said...

Jen, house is looking great! Love the kitchen and all the colors you picked. Can't wait to help you guys move in :o)
As you can see I got my own blog now so you can check it out anytime... nothing there that you don't know already LOL
Have a great week.