January 14, 2008

Ella Ballerina

She cracks me up! She got this ballerina dress-up from her Gmaw (her great grandmother) and every time she puts it on, she has to put on a big show. We have to put on the pretty dancing music so that she can sing and dance. She makes up these songs all about love and finding the prince. It's all very dramatic and wonderful. Where you see her staring off into the distance, she's really watching herself in the fireplace doors. The new house won't have a fireplace. She'll have to find a new place to perform! ;)

Well, things are rolling along with the house. The sheet rock is up and they should start painting soon. We've pretty much picked out the flooring and the cabinets will be delivered next week. Oh, it's getting so close. We talked with our realtor this weekend and have officially put the current house on the market. I have alot to do this week to make the house more presentable! My mom and I worked hard today, packing and cleaning up the first 2 rooms you see in the house, so that's a good start. I'm feeling a wee bit overwhelmed as this all comes crashing down on me at the same time that I'm teaching 3-year-olds in Sunday school and children's choir, singing on the praise team and in the choir, working on the guitar, and trying to keep my family going. I seriously wouldn't be surprised if I showed signs of mental illness before this is all over.

I should sleep pretty well tonight after all I've done today. I'm stalling about going to bed, though, because I know I'll probably just lay there thinking off all the things I've yet to do.

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Penny said...

Packing up and cleaning while you are still living in the house is tricky! Hang in there Jenny.

And Ella is beautiful ;)