November 15, 2007

My little artiste!

This is Ella's depiction of what the new house will look like. I thought she did a pretty good job! We were in a store one day and while I shopped, she sat in the cart with her clipboard and paper and came up with this. I wasn't paying much attention as she was saying things like, "This is the laundry room. And this is my room.", so I can't really tell you where those things are on the picture, but they are there! She has enjoyed this whole process of planning the house and watching it being built. Let's just hope she still enjoys it when we have to move! A few weeks ago, she watched one of the Madeline movies. Madeline's boarding school had to be torn down so that they could renovate it to make a "new" house. Ella got really worried that someone was going to tear our old house down, so she went around putting "signs" on the doors telling everyone not to tear it down. ;0

Ella did this the other night at T.G.I. Friday's. When we looked at the face she drew in the cup, we thought it was something she had just come up with on her own. Then we noticed that all the other cups had the same face. She had copied those faces!! I wish I had taken a picture of the book she made my brother for his birthday. She came up with the concept all on her own. She had cut a piece of cardstock in half, then taped her "pages" so they opened like a book. It had stickers and pictures of Noah's ark. She's also been "decorating" the house with her own custom decorations lately. There are pictures and other interesting objects taped all around the house. I think she's going to be an artist. Of course, I'm totally unbiased....riiiight! ;) Ok, I'll quit now. Just had to brag on my baby for a minute.


sheree said...

She really is so smart; who does she take after?

Just to brag on my own 4 year old; he came up with a new car sound - only to tell me later, Noah taught him.

Car sounds and skillful pictures - do they compare, really? But he is cute. LOL

Penny said...

That's sweet! It's great she has so much control over her drawing skills. Tim is only just starting to take an interest in shapes and making pictures about things. I suspect it's a boy thing with him - he's never been a big art doer.