February 15, 2011

One Thousand Gifts

Once in a while, a book completely knocks me off my feet.  Oh, I've read many books (not as many as I'd like) and some of my more recent reads have impacted me greatly, but this one sticks with me.  It gnaws at my soul and rips apart notions I've long held tight.  I mull the beautiful words over and over throughout the day.  I pray these words impart change that's long overdue. 

Ann Voskamp may be one of the most gifted writers of our time.  Her blog has been on top of my feed reader for a while now, so I was very excited to get her book and read more of her words.  The book is called One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are.  And I just cannot say enough about it.  And I'm only on chapter five.  The book came out of a dare from a friend of Ann's to write down one thousand things that made her happy.  Things she loved.  The result of such a dare was a life changed.  A life lived more fully.  A life closer to the heart of God.  A thankful life.  Oh, how I want that kind of life! 

So I begin my list.  And I dare you to begin one, too.  Let's go on a treasure hunt together.  Finding the gifts God gives us in the day-to-day. 

#1 ~ The life of Yancy Spencer, who lived for Christ and died doing what he loved.
#2 ~ Sound of children laughing and playing across the street.
#3 ~ Ladybug dancing across my windshield yesterday, trying to take flight.
#4 ~ Rays of beautiful sunshine beaming down on my way to work.
#5 ~ Warmer weather that makes me think of spring and new beginnings.
#6 ~ A husband who recently committed to making dinners so his poor wife could have time to exercise! (thank you!)
#7 ~ Plethora of school choices for my daughter.  Many parents have no choice.
#8 ~ A skater who inspired me to boldness.
#9 ~ Sport and dance programs led by godly men and women whose goal is to win the hearts of the kids...not the game.
#10 ~ An old microwave I've kept for unknown reasons....until we needed a spare....on Valentine's Day.

This list is going to be on-going.  I'm not going to designate a certain day for posting my list, like Thankful Thursday, because I need to be about this thankful journey every single day.  Please join me in the journey.  Here are some links to help you along the way:

** The Bloom book club from (in) courage is discussing the book, HERE.
** Here's a new website and place where you can list your gifts:  One Thousand Gifts.
** Ann Voskamp's blog is such a blessing.  Trust me, you will get caught up in her words at A Holy Experience.

~ Note:  I bought this book on my own and have not been contacted to write a review!  :)  ~

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Lori said...

Thankful for you! See you SOON! Xoxoxo