November 19, 2010

Wuv, Twue Wuv, Foweveh!

This was the day I had waited for all my life.  I had found a man who had swept me off my feet.  A man who would sing to me if I asked, take me to musicals even if it meant missing the World Series, and leave sweet poems on my windshield.  A man who loved me enough to let me be myself.  With him, my walls dropped.  He made me a better person.  I had found love.  True, pure love.

The church was beautiful.  Exactly as I had envisioned it.  The flowers, the candles, the music.  All perfect.  It was a dream come true.  Everything was going as planned.  The day of the wedding, I was cool and confident.  At peace. 

As my groom awaited my entrance into the sanctuary, joy filled my soul.  It was the perfect moment.  The doors opened, the music played, and I prepared myself to take that long walk. 

What happened next startled me out of my sweet dream. 

My precious little ring bearer was urgently tugging on my Dad's sleeve, stating the very obvious fact that he had to go to the bathroom. right. at. that. very. moment!!!!  I flashbacked to a time when babysitting him that he had gotten himself so upset, he said he was going to throw up.  Paul and I didn't believe him, just thought it was a tactic to get out of going to bed, but sure enough...there it was.  And, now, here I was, in this very important moment, trying to decide whether or not he was serious.  Because, after all, they were playing MY song.  THE song.  But, before I could even say a word, I turned around and my dad was gone.  To the bathroom.  The father of the bride - the one who was supposed to be walking me down the aisle RIGHT NOW - had disappeared with the ring bearer who was supposed to go down the aisle before me!    

Well, the calm, collected part of me came undone and the tears streaked down my perfectly made up face on my perfect day.  I was standing in the doorway, as people watched me expectedly, having a total nervous breakdown.  I mean, how on earth could this little boy ruin my day?  Fully involved in my little pity party, I hardly noticed my dad take my arm.  We took off flying as if we were racing the music to get to the alter on time.  Little did the people in the congregation know that these were not tears of joy.  They were tears of utter horror.

Though I may have been crying the most ugly cry ever, my groom still took my as his own.  He loved me.  He wanted me as his bride for the rest of his life.

You know what?  Though that scene will be forever etched in my mind, it was still a perfect day.  I still married the man on my dreams.  (And now I have a fun story to tell at parties!) 

A. W. Tozer jogged my memory of this day as I read his chapter on God's love in Volume 2 of The Attributes of God.  He speaks of the love God has for us.  For just as my earthly groom waited for me to join him in our life together, so awaits my heavenly Groom. 

Earthly love is imperfect.

The love of God is perfect. 

Human relationships are conditional.  With boundaries and limits.

God's love is unconditional.  Limitless.

Our love fades.  We die.  The love we have for each other cannot go on forever.

God's love for us endures forever.

When I first believed in this love, I forsook all others and walked down the aisle with my Father to meet my Groom, Jesus.  All my dreams came true.  I found the love I had been longing for.  A love that would never let me go.  And He looked on me, His bride, with such adoring lovingkindness and mercy, that He gave up His life to be with me for eternity. 

That was the perfect wedding.  That was the most important day of my life.  The day I married into God's family and accepted the beautiful love of God.

Though my Groom is not physically here with me on this earth (He sent His Helper, the Holy Spirit to stay with me here), one day He is returning for me.  He will once again sweep me off my feet, riding His beautiful white horse.  He will give me a gown of fine, clean linen to replace my rags of unrighteousness.  My Prince will forever slay the beast that has haunted me all my life.  Together, we will enjoy a wedding feast unlike any the world has ever seen.  Then, He will carry me off to the Holy City He has built just for me.  I will be His and He will be mine forevermore.  (Revelation 19-22)

That is what I call "Wuv, Twue Wuv, Foweveh!!"**  Amen! 

Do you know the most wonderful part of this story God has written?  He longs to make each and every one of us His "bride".  All those who come to Him and believe on His Name will have their own love story with the Savior of the world.

Forget romance novels, try reading the Bible!  It contains the sweeping romance of God towards those who follow Him.  He loves you.  Oh, how He loves you.  And He wants you to be a part of the best ending in history.    

**Note: In case you don't recognize it, this line is from The Princess Bride, one of my all-time favorite movies!** 

Music helps me relate to this great love God has for me:


Lori said...

So the is fun to have funny stories (years later, right?) of the day...when they were such BIG drama moments at the time!

Couple of weeks!

Melissa said...

Made me laugh and cry at the same time. =)

Penny said...

Ahh.. twue wuv indeed. :) My spiritual birthday is September 14. It's good to reflect on that day. :)

Christmas Gal Chronicles said...

I loved that story! Thanks for sharing!
Happy Thanksgiving! ;)