August 24, 2010

Freezing Time

I can never get this day back.  My daughter's first day of "real" school.  School without me.  And I find myself wishing I could freeze time.  Stop her from turning into this little lady that I barely recognize.  Poised and proper, a big second-grader, all dressed up and ready to face the days ahead. 

I walked her into the classroom that first day of school, prepared for tears and drama galore.  What I got was a shock to my system.  My baby walked into that room with all the confidence her 6-year-old body could contain.  Proudly putting supplies away in her desk, she looked up at me and without wavering, proclaimed, "Ok, bye mom!".  As if to say, "I'll be fine, mom!  You can go now!  I don't need you anymore!".  Well, that's what I heard, anyway.  A baby no longer.  A big girl at last. 

Though it was somewhat comforting to know that she felt good about school, you cannot imagine how relieved I was to hear her say that she almost cried at lunch when she thought about me.  This morning, I got a more detailed report of this incident.  She came into the kitchen asking for my assistance in opening the toothpaste.  This made her sad, she said, because it reminded her that she had missed me yesterday at lunch when she thought about how I had always opened her cheese stick package for her.  Sweet words that will ring in my ears this year.  For when it seems that my baby is all grown up, I will be reminded that she still needs me. 


jb said...

I enjoyed your post. Yes, cherish these moments! Children grow up so fast. It seems like yesterday my daughter was in kindergarten. Now she is 29 years old.

Annie said...

ok, so mine's only 14 weeks old (I know, I'll have have to start counting again once it comes out!!) and you are already making me realize that it is just going to all go WAY too fast!!!

Mommy of 2 and 2 said...

I love the sweet reminders that she showed you to let you know that you will always be needed :) I am glad she had such a good day and I can completely relate to your feelings... They do grow up way too fast :(

Lori said...

Oh Ella....just don't grow up any faster!!!! It makes our head spin...we have all our photo folders feeding into the desktop background and there are so many pictures of Ella and Walker and Madeline and Harlan from various events and they are SO little!!

To freezing time!

Penny said...

awwww. She's going to do great. It is nice to hear that they think of you at school.
Mums are still important even when they aren't there at school with them.

Melissa said...

I remember Marley's first day of first grade and how easy it seemed for her and hard for me! Keep writing Jenny! You are such a great mom, still praying. =)