March 31, 2009

Schleich Toys (Review)

I was not familiar with the figurines from Schleich until I received a few of their animals to review. This company has been around since 1935, with the first figurines being produced in the 1950's. Schleich now offers over 500 toys & accessories. At Schleich, you can find an eclectic mix of realistic figurines, including farm animals, wild life, forest animals, sea animals, dinosaurs, elves, knights, and historically accurate figures from the American Frontier...just to name a few!

At our house, we were so happy to open our box from Schleich to find that we had received the following animals:

Swabian-Hall Boar


Haflinger Horse

Bald Eagle

African Elephant (Male)

White Tiger Cub

Aren't they incredible? The detail on each animal is amazing. All of the figurines from Schleich are hand painted! These models are very sturdy - though the tiger is small, you don't feel like the tail will tear off, for example. Ella has thoroughly enjoyed playing with all of these animals, but she is especially fond of the horse, whom she named "Thumper". We found several Schleich figurines at Target recently and just had to buy the Frisian Foal to add to Ella's growing collection of horses. Her horse obsession is going to cost me, I can tell! But, thankfully, most of the Schleich toys are very affordable! :) (By the way, it looks like many of the figures offered at Target are on sale right now!)

I strongly encourage you to visit the online catalog for Schleich, found HERE! You will most likely need a few hours to look over all of their wonderful products! :) These toys are sure to stir the imaginations of your children and inspire them to create many new worlds in which to play!

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