February 10, 2009

The Critical Thinking Co. - Building Thinking Skills

Before I get back to the CPSIA, I have another review for you! The Critical Thinking Co. sent different levels of their Building Thinking Skills series to the TOS Crew members. I received the Primary Level book (Grades K-1). This particular book contains 272 pages of descriptive question and answer strategies. Students using this workbook will work on similarities/differences, writing skills, describing, number sense, & geometry (just to name a few of the skills covered here!). The skills learned in the book help to reinforce language arts, math, science and social studies.

We have used our Building Thinking Skills book for the past several weeks and it has been such a fun learning tool! Ella feels like she's getting a little break when doing this book because she enjoys it so much! The pages are full-color and the graphics keep her interest. The Critical Thinking Co. has found creative ways to cram so many skills into 1-2 short pages! For instance, yesterday, we worked not only on shape and color recognition, but also on shape, color & position words (first, second, third, etc.). Ella had to identify the position of different shapes, color them, and then match the shape names to their correct position and color words. She also had to trace the position and color words. A lot of thinking that took just a little time! Here are some sample pages of the workbook.

You can buy a set of attribute blocks ($20.99 for 60 pieces) to go along with the Primary Building Thinking Skills book. I chose to make my own using thin craft foam. Interlocking cubes ($11.99 for 100 pieces) are also available for activities introduced later in the book (we have not gotten there yet!). A teacher's manual ($19.99) can be purchased separately as well, if you wish to have lesson plans to help you present the skills.

The Primary Building Thinking Skills book itself is $29.99. I truly consider that a bargain for the great variety of skills offered in one book. The Critical Thinking Co. has over 200 different books & software that "sharpen the mind as they teach standards-based reading, writing, math, science, and history". All of their products are guaranteed to work or you get your money back - you can't beat that! Go to their website now to order one of the Building Thinking Skills books (and be sure to check out the extensive catalog while you're there!).

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