October 7, 2008

Tag...I'm It!

My dear friend, Sheree, has tagged me to tell you 10 of my husband's favorite things. Let me take a crack at it, though I know that the number 1 item would probably also be listed as numbers 2-5 in his mind! ;)

1. Golf! He would rather be on the golf course than almost anywhere else. He is very competitive and he loves the challenge of trying to beat his own score. This is one of the only outdoor activities he enjoys.

2. Gator Football! Our life is planned around Gator games in the Fall. To him, it's emotional, it's dramatic, it's exciting...and I just don't get it. He can somehow tie every memory to some football game. "Oh yeah, that happened on Sept. 12, 2000. That was the day the Gators played Tennessee and beat them 41-3." (Ok, so I totally just made that up, but that's what I hear every time we try to remember something that happened.)

3. Me. His love for me has stood the tests and trials that most marriages would not have survived.

4. Ella. At least once a day, I notice him glance at her and get the sweetest grin on his face. He loves her laugh, her smile, her sense of humor. He really gets a kick out of that girl!

5. A good show on TV. For some reason, this has become one of our favorite things to do together. We've got our recliners positioned just right. Pop open a Coke Zero and we're ready to roll. (A bit sad, I know!).

6. Entertainment System Equipment. This is probably something every guy loves, but Paul spends alot of time researching exactly what we need to deliver "world-class" entertainment.

7. Old-school rap music. Didn't see that one coming, did you? Neither did I when he revealed it to me after we'd been dating for a while. Seems that he was one of those annoying teenagers with the huge speakers in the back of his car, cruising around the mall parking lot.

8. Cooking on the grill. He takes particular pride in his hamburgers (special recipe, you know), but he loves trying to perfect each cut of meat that he places on his grill. I hear he smokes some tasty ribs and his smoked turkey is to die for!

9. Laughing. Paul is loud and proud when it comes to laughter! :)

10. Shrimp. Fried shrimp, shrimp scampi, shrimp kabobs, shrimp po-boys, grilled shrimp, boiled shrimp...

Well, I hope I got at least a few of these right! Now, I am tagging Angela, Penny, Lori, and Susie. Your turn!


Angela Miller said...

Jenny, this was interesting. I enjoyed learning a little more about Paul. My 10 things are up.

Penny said...

What is it about men and the barbie eh? Meat and fire or something.. very cave man.

Will have to consult the hubster I think! Not sure I can get 10 on my own! LOL!

Susana M Kepner said...

That was funny!! Ok, so I'm it... here it goes...

Lori said...

HILARIOUS!! I knew Paul liked that old-school stuff, but picturing him cruising the freeway bustin' some tunes (yeah, that sounds rap-py, right???) cracks me up and makes me think of our 80's party long ago!! Now...on to John...