September 20, 2008

Disney's Plan to Save the Environment...One couch-potato at a time!

So, Disney has hit an all-time low. They've launched a new campaign for this week, calling it "Stay at Home and Watch TV Week". This is supposed to help us save the environment by making us stay home and conserve energy. Hmmm...what's wrong with that idea?? Here's the link, just in case you think (as I did when reading other blogs about it), "nah, that can't possibly be true!!"

National Stay at Home Week

Here is a call to action from September Turnoff Week

Now, we may not be able to keep the tv off in the evenings (DH + Me = TV addicts), but I can keep Ella from watching tv during the day. We prefer movies around here these days anyway. Which reminds me, I'd like to recommend the movie, "The Adventures of Ociee Nash", especially for you moms of girls. Great family flick! I checked it out from the library for Ella thinking it wouldn't interest me much. I wound up watching most of it with her yesterday! She loved it so much she watched it again this morning and has said she wants to watch it everyday til we turn it in. ;) (Ok, so we've raised a bit of an addict as well...we do limit her screen-time, I promise!!)

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Penny said...

ok - SAH I can agree with. But SAH to watch TV? Ah, something funny about that.

We don't have a TV :) It works for us.