July 11, 2008

Stay-cation update

Here's a run-down of our family fun this week. Sorry I haven't been updating every day. It's gone by too quickly and I'm sad to see the week winding down. Ella sure is going to miss having Daddy home with her. He's now trying to find ways to work less - that's a good thing! :)

Tuesday - Ella had Mother's Day Out, so we decided to let her go so that we could go to Wally World (Wal-Mart, woohoo!) together. We came home and vegged in the recliners and then had a quiet lunch at home before picking her up. That afternoon, we went to the UWF pool so that Ella could practice her swimming "skills" (see this post if you don't know her history with the pool). We had bought her a swim vest, hoping that would boost her confidence in the water and it has helped alot! Today, it only took her about 15 minutes to actually get off the steps and into the water, then she just took off!! She must have done 4-5 laps across the width of the pool by the time we were done. She kept "racing" Paul from one side to the other. She even put her face in once or twice. The really cool part was that she was putting into practice the things she'd learned in swim lessons even though she had hardly really participated during the actual lessons (besides just desperately holding onto poor Chelsea each time it was her turn in the water!). Paul and I were SO proud of her! Afterwards, we ate dinner at Ella's favorite place, Chick-fil-A, where she got to play for a little while. We then walked over to Marble Slab for some yummy ice cream to top off a fun summer afternoon.

Wednesday - There are some nice outlet stores in Destin, FL. So, we headed over there, but before arriving at the outlet, we stopped to eat lunch at the Mellow Mushroom where they make the best calzones anywhere!! Once we were sufficiently stuffed, we proceeded to shop til we dropped. Ella was quite a trooper until we reached the toy store, where she was allowed to spend the money her G-Maw had sent her last week. After that, she lost interest in any other shopping we needed to do and was ready to get in the van so that she could play with her new toys. I still needed a few things (especially undergarments, which you ladies know, it takes a little time to find just the right size, etc.), so Paul and Ella waited outside each of the next several stores I had to visit. They survived the apparent torture and we were off to eat at Joe's, where it is so much fun to eat good seafood and watch the singing & dancing waiters/waitresses. It was late when we got home that night, so it was straight to bed for all of us!

I hate to do this, but I'm going to have to finish up this report tomorrow. I have edited most of my pictures and will include them in tomorrow's post. :)

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Penny said...

sounds like a lovely relaxing time!!

I'm with you on the shopping for smalls. When Tim was little he'd open the changing door at critical intervals. Very embarrassing. Or he'd disappear under the doors of other cubicals! That would usually happen when I was in a state of undress too.