July 14, 2008

Stay-cation Finale!

(Please excuse this last pic with me in it! We had been in the hot tub and were in our jammies when Ella said she wanted to take a picture so she could remember our fun stay-cation. Just had to oblige her!)

The last few bits about stay-cation, I promise! Thank goodness we did not go to the Blue Angel show! Right around the time it was to start, the floodgates opened and lightning popped everywhere. My poor family had a time getting in out of the storm, but they were all safe. The newspaper reported that 4 people were struck by lightning and several others were injured by flying debris. It really stinks that they waited all that time to see the show and it wound up being cancelled! We wound up going to see Kung Fu Panda. Cute and funny with some scary parts, it is bound to become one of Ella's favorites. She's been talking about it ever since. We played a few rounds of Uno, then had a frozen pizza for dinner. After church yesterday, we ate at Ella's other favorite place, Wendy's, then just relaxed most of the day away. We did hop in the hot tub last night for a bit. We were sad to see the end come, but it was a very nice week. We now have to go back on our diets and Paul had to head back to work today. It's time to start planning the next vacation.

So, I've decided that I am going to take down my crafty blog. What was I thinking, trying to maintain 2 blogs?? I can hardly remember to post on this one. I will just combine everything here because crafting is just as much part of my life as everything else I talk about here. With that in mind, I wanted to show you what I made last month. I hadn't sewn anything in a while with the move and all, so I was itching to get back to it. For the purse, I used lee's Zip Top Tote tutorial, but I did not add a zipper or any type of closure to the top. I also modified the fabric dimensions so that it would be a smaller purse, rather than a tote. I put in lots of pockets to hold my cell phone, lipsticks, tissues, etc. I just love this bag and have used it every day! I followed Javajem's tutorial for the wristlet. My mom and I walk at the mall 3 times a week and we have needed something to carry a little bit of cash, our keys and maybe a credit card. I made this wristlet smaller than Javajem's and it fits everything just right. I also figure that, if necessary, I can hook my key ring to the tab on the end that was originally made to be a zipper pull. I used the wristlet for the first time today and it is perfect for walking! I made the wallet around Christmas time when I made several for friends, using happyfrog's slotted wallet tutorial. Hopefully you can see it in the group shot. I thought I had taken pics of it when I made it, but I didn't. You can see the others I made in this post on craftster to get a close up.

I've got more to post, but I think that's enough for tonight!


Penny said...

Great bags!!

Susana Mendoza Kepner said...

Love your pictures... looks like you guys had a blast. We are kind of glad your stay-cation is over so we can hang out again hahaha
I like the ourse you made; but I still want one like Ella's (a bit bigger) so where do I send my order? Hope to see you soon.

sheree said...

I so want to make one of those. Let's get together soon. If it doesn't rain Thursday, do ya'll want to swim? If it rains, do you want to sew? :) :) :)